🔓Allocation & Distribution

The total supply will be set to 10,000,000,000 (10 billion) FP tokens with no possibility for future increase in the token supply, and will be distributed as follows following the token generation event (TGE):

  • 20% Game Reserve - Will be reserved for further expansion of the game (unlocking monthly over 24 months)

  • 30% Community Incentives - Will be reserved for various community incentive purposes, including incentivation to play and be involved with the game

    • 10% of the 30% to be unlocked at TGE - The remaining 90% of the 30% is unlocking monthly over 24 months

  • 25% Seed Contributors* - Will be allocated to seed contributors of the project

    • 10% of the 25% to be unlocked at TGE - The remaining 90% of the 25% would be locked-up for 3 months, then unlocked monthly over 18 months

  • 25% Contributors & Advisors* - Will be allocated to the existing core contributors and future contributors (including future hires) working on the project (locked-up for 6 months, then unlocked monthly over 24 months)

The initial circulating supply will be 550,000,000 FP tokens (5.5%) based on the 10% of the Community Incentives and 10% of the Seed Contributors allocations being unlocked at TGE. FP tokens allocated for Game Reserve and Community Incentive purposes will not necessarily be brought into circulation at once when they reach their respective unlocks, as these FP tokens will only be utilized to benefit the game when relevant.

* Any unused portion of the 25% allocated to Seed Contributors and 25% allocated to Contributors & Advisors may be reallocated for Game Reserve or Community Incentive purposes.

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