🧱The Foundation

Without a strong foundation, you're nowhere. We want to share some thoughts on our vision, our beliefs and the foundation that makes Forgotten Playland.

Fun, flexibility and innovation

We're operating in the dual world of gaming enthusiasts and web3 orientated fanatics. Finding the balance between these two worlds and bringing them together, is what will push our game forward. The beliefs we've gathered along the way boil down to three core principles, laid down below.


At the heart of Forgotten Playland is the principle of sheer enjoyment. We believe the essence of gaming lies in the joy it brings to the player. With that in mind, our designers have been hard at work to create a world that truly captures the imagination of the player. Tapping into the proven world of party games, Forgotten Playland is a game that's fun first, and everything else second.


The entire approach of our development, marketing and player experience comes down to flexibility. We're building a game that's easy to digest for the player, easy to adjust and simple to learn. The game becomes richer through adding various party games and quickly adding additional features. We do not believe in endless development for the 'perfect' experience. Games should be played, and new games should be added fast to keep the player entertained.


As we're operating in the most innovative realms of the gaming industry, we're more than open to any type of innovation. Starting with our integration with the Beam network, we're committed to remain agnostic to any type of innovation that comes our way. We believe that this approach allows us to always experiment and implement new ideas , ensuring that the gaming experience remains fresh and exciting.

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